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Bar Soaps

Luxury homemade goat milk soaps that pamper your senses with skin loving ingredients

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Body & Skin Care

Body Butter, Bug Balm, Goat Milk Lotion, Soap Nets

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Bare Naked Collection

Soaps made with pure essential oils, dried herbs, and natural colorants. 

Bare Naked Collection

Natural and Organic Products

Raining Manna Goat Milk Soaps are homemade with the purest ingredients. We help turn every bath time into a relaxing, pampering indulgence.

Kind Words

I love Raining Manna Goat's Milk Soap. I have bought at least 9 bars for myself over time, and also bought it as treats and gifts for others. Everyone that has used it absolutely loves it. Smells amazing and leaves skin very soft and pampered!

Holly Stone

This is the Best Homemade soap Ever, it smells so fresh and clean and makes your bath time extra enjoyable. I especially like the body butters and lotions too moisturizing and great for delicate skin!

Pam Ledbetter

I absolutely adore Raining Manna Goats Milk products. My skin won’t tolerate a lot of the products on the market, but I’ve never had a problem with the soaps or lotions! I’m in Kay’s program of receiving two soaps once a month and I truly can’t wait to see what see sends! Kay is an animal advocate, and I believe see also loves our Lord Thank you Kay!

Sally Townsend

Raining Manna soaps are the best soaps I have ever used. I have tried a lot of soaps from cheap to expensive trying to find a soap that won't make me itch. These soaps don't make me itch, I feel clean when I use them and they smell amazing. They dont leave a residue behind on my skin. I buy around 6 bars at a time. I will never buy soap anywhere but from Raining Manna again.

Donna Willmon

Raining Manna Goat's Milk Soap is all my family uses! We purchase it locally from Gammy's Antiques in Newhope, AR. It is great for my dry skin, my daughter's eczema and my teenage son's complexion. I'm a big fan of the Raining Manna Bug Balm as well.

Brandi Burrow

I've used soap an lotion now for almost two years. A person with diabetes skin very dry. I'd given up hope in finding something to help. Well girls I found it. Soap and lotion is great. Will never go back to anything else. Got my granddaughter and daughter using it also. Thanks Kay keep it coming.

Brenda Stewart

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