Raining Manna Goat Milk Soaps. Home of luxuriously moisturizing goat milk products. All products are made right in my kitchen in Lufkin, Texas.



Raining Manna soaps was recently featured in Charm Magazine and TJ Mag & Co., An East Texas Lifestyle Magazine. Raining Manna Soaps is now in 13 locations and will celebrate our 5 year anniversary in August 2018.



How We Began...

I had never even thought about making soap. It all started when my husband talked me into getting a few milk goats as a hobby. He really had to twist my arm.

I had been in sales all my adult life so naturally, I was intrigued when my pastor's wife mentioned making goat milk soaps. Wondering what was so special about soap made from goat's milk, I began to do some research online.  The information was abundant.  There were tons of vitamins in goat's milk and a long list of benefits for your skin. Apparently, this stuff was really good for your digestive system as well.   Hmmm, would I want to drink it? I tried it and discovered that "fresh from the farm" goat milk is delicious!


After several months of research, watching videos and scoping out recipes, I decided to put one to the test. I've always been a bath person. To me, there's nothing more relaxing than a nice long hot bath after a stressful day. So, the anticipation of taking my bath to the next level motivated me. I'll never forget the feel of the soap's silky thick creamy lather as I washed up that first soap pot.  I was thrilled that I had created those bubbles!!

And the bath? Oh, my goodness!!  I was immediately hooked on this soap. I posted a few pictures on my social networks eventually and passed out some samples here and there. I talked about the soap a lot! It's just grown from there and I'm so blessed and grateful to have a home-based business doing something I love.  It's hard work but the rewards of having a product that people enjoy making it so worth the long hours of standing over a soap pot. 

Our company name originated from the following Bible verse: "He rained down manna upon them to eat, and had given them of the corn of heaven." (Psalms 78:24)